Rave Reviews For With Lee in Virginia

"It's going to give people a new perspective on an old story that is going to inspire people to chase after character first."

- Kirk Cameron

Actor (Fireproof, Monumental, Left Behind)

" A story like this is historical fiction about the Civil War. It’s interesting, it’s smart, it’s fun, it’s funny, it’s good!"

- Sean Astin

Actor (Lord Of The Rings, Mom's Night Out, Rudy)

" I was captivated by this script. The greatest danger in life is not taking the adventure."

- Brian Blessed

Actor (Star WarsTarzan,
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves)

" It’s exciting being at the beginning of something new and you can tell it’s gonna be a great ride."

​- Chris Anthony

Voice of Chris on Adventures in Odyssey

" It’s educational, it’s interesting, it makes history exciting!

- Kelsey Lansdowne

Actress (Curious George)

" ​I was changed by the script.

- Rob Jorgensen

Recording Engineer

"The script brings Robert E. Lee to life. He may have lost the War of the States, but he won the war of character."

​- John Fornof

Writer/Director (Adventures in Odyssey)

" I was awed and inspired by the sheer talent gathered together to make this story riveting and unforgettable."

​- Robert Liparulo

Writer & Journalist

"The Henty stories are deep and rich with emotion. They allow me to spread my wings musically and discover new ways to tell stories in my scores."

​- John Campbell

Emmy Award Winning Composer

" Illustrates that the true test of character is not shown in victory, but in how we handle defeat. This is a must-listen for the entire family!"

​​- Beecher Proch

Production & Studio Coordinator

" ​I really enjoyed listening to "With Lee in Virginia." I finished the book just before the cry to take down the battle flag AKA the confederate flag began. My heart sinks as more of American history becomes distorted or disappears. I'm very glad that the Christian aspect was so well woven into the story. It helped me to lose myself in the story and I once again felt that I was living in America. This is the third adventure I've listened to and I purchased two family packs so I could give each of our grandchildren a copy. Thanks for a quality adventure."

- Jim Watson

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